Cloud Accounting Services

cloud accounting

Mark E. Feinsot, CPA offers convenient cloud-based accounting solutions for all types of property managers in the real estate industry. When you become our client, we'll help you make a seamless transition to a user-friendly cloud accounting system that offers 24/7 access to your financial data. 

Using a cloud-based accounting system has many advantages. This technology allows us to oversee your transactions and keep your finances organized and error-free throughout the year. Here's how it works: you make your own accounting entries but avoid the hassle of sending large accounting files back and forth with our office because we can login to review them anytime. This convenient system is especially handy for real estate professionals because you'll have access to your financials anytime day or night so you'll always have the information you need when you're on the go.

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Online accounting for the real estate industry:

  • Cloud accounting software
  • Determining the correct chart of accounts for your specific business
  • Mapping accounts to save money on tax preparation
  • Creating templates for invoices
  • Setting up online downloads from financial institutions

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